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2. What is a hypnotic "trance" ?

2.4. Critique of Trance Logic

The notion of trance logic, rooted as it is in subjective reports, has been questioned by some of the non-state theorists, such as Nicholas Spanos, who do not believe that trance logic represents any sort of defining characteristic of hypnotic responding.

Examples of critiques of this concept can be found in Nicholas Spanos, "Hypnotic behavior: A social-psychological interpretation of amnesia, analgesia, and 'trance logic,'" Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9(1986):449-502, and a paper cited by Spanos in the above; Nicholas P. Spanos, H.P. de Groot, D.K. Tiller, J.R. Weekes, and L.D. Bertrand, "'Trance logic' duality and hidden observer responding in hypnotic, imagination control, and simulating subjects," Journal of Abnormal Psychology 94(1985):611-623.


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