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4. Can anyone be hypnotized, or only certain people?

4.2. The "Fantasy Prone Personality"

T.X. Barber and his colleague Sheryl Wilson did some interesting research where they apparently identified some loose correlates to hypnotizability, and which appear to enhance an individual's capacity to respond to hypnotic suggestion.

Called the 'fantasy prone personality,' (FPP) these correlates do not seem to form a unitary personality type, but represent a diverse group of naturally imaginative and visionary individuals.

Josephine Hilgard and other researchers have also found similar results, that some people have particularly rich inner fantasy lives and cultivate a lifetime of vivid imagery experience corresponding to an openness to unusual experience, extraordinary memory in many cases, capacity for intense concentration, sharp sensory acuity, and unusually strong somatic responses to mental imagery (such as response to placebos).

FPP may also describe the people who most frequently report various psychic phenomena, and 75% of FPP subjects in one study reported having experienced orgasms from fantasy alone. 65% reported fantasies of hallucinatory intensity.

This helps support Barber's earlier contentions about hypnotizable subjects also experiencing similar kinds of phenomena without specific hypnotic induction.

See Wilson and Barber, "The Fantasy Prone Personality: Implications for understanding imagery, hypnosis, and parapsychological phenomena," in Imagery, Current Theory, Research, and Application, from Wiley Press.


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