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BACKGROUND OF AUTHOR: My name is Roy Hunter, and I have been teaching a nine-month professional hypnotherapy course in a college since 1987. It is based on the teachings of my mentor, the late Charles Tebbetts, who believed in a self-empowerment approach. Additionally, my mentor felt that most texts were too dry because of authors trying to write in an academic style; so I'll write my answers in these FAQ's with the same simple language and first-person style that my books are written.

Please understand that my responses to the questions are based on experience rather than on scientific research (12+ years full-time hypnotherapy and 8+ years teaching); but many successful sessions over a period of years validate my opinions as workable. Others may have differing opinions to the same questions presented here, which might also be valid from their viewpoints (there is MORE THAN ONE WAY to effectively help a client!). I consider myself an artist rather than a scientist, and I teach hypnotherapy as an art.

My national honors in the profession include: 1990 Voice of the Year (International Hypnosis Hall of Fame), 1991 Outstanding Service Award (National Guild of Hypnotists), 1993 Dedication Award (Hypnosis Hall of Fame), and 1995 Outstanding Service Award (International Hypnosis Hall of Fame). Additionally, I'm the published author of three books: SUCCESS THROUGH MIND POWER (1987, Westwood Publishing), THE ART OF HYPNOSIS (1994, National Guild of Hypnotists), and THE ART OF HYPNOTHERAPY (1995, Kendall/Hunt Publishing). The revised version of my first book has been re-titled and is available in electronic format.

Now that you know a little more about who I am, perhaps you will enjoy reading my responses in this FAQ.


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